Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Okay, this will scare the bejeezus out of you! Click here

It was bad enough to hear about the run on money markets last September 11(!) Rush Limbaugh broke the story, and I've since seen the actual interview - here - . It shouldn't come as a surprise to any thinking, economically literate person that markets can be manipulated - I just had no idea how it was actually accomplished, and on such a massive scale. Two things are particularly troubling:

1) Any effective government regulation is non-existent or in (nearly) complete collusion with the behind the scenes power brokers. Just call them the Illuminati.
2)There are obviously people/organizations/nations/alliances which are actively influencing markets not only for personal gain, but with malevolent intent for America and free markets.

This is particularly troubling since any "recovery" is subject to massive assault and sabotage at any time, without warning or adequate defense. Long term, if there is not a complete overhaul and total transparency in the market, there will never be a true recovery. Given the current administration and entrenched power structure, we'd best look back to the Declaration of Independence for a solution.

One more thing to chew on - I heard today that George Soros's hedge fund actually had an 8% gain in 2008 hmmm.

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