Saturday, March 14, 2009

End Game

While it seems like the whole of America (at least the literate, rational, thinking part of it) is on fire about the state of the: Congress, economy, stock market, popular culture, embryonic stem cells/StimulusII/TARPII/III/IV/Budget2010 - take your pick - I think it's time to take both a look behind, and at the same time a look over the horizon to see what lies ahead.

It doesn't take a person with more than a functional frontal lobe to know that we are, as the Chinese curse says, living in interesting times. Where we are now did not just materialize with the election of Barack Hussein Sotoero Obama II - or GWB, LGJ, RFK, or any other President in our lifetimes. It's been a many-decades long march toward the destruction of the great experiment we started in the Boston harbor over 200 years ago. So the question before us is twofold. How did we arrive at this point in America's history, and where do we go from here? More importantly, what will the United States of America look like in say, 2012 or 2015, and how does what we do today impact that future? Can this march toward a socialist/one world/totalitarian state be turned back by anything we do today?

First, the look back. How did we get to this state of affairs, and who's responsible? Well, if you read American history (or the Bible) you'll realize fairly quickly that it is not the godly and upright men who have driven this decline, or the decline of any civilization in all of recorded history. In fact, I would argue that it is precisely th.e ungodly, the egotistical, the lovers of material things and not spiritual wisdom who have brought us to this point. I would challenge you to find any prominent "progressive"/"liberal"/ yes, Democrat, who does not for the most part stand against conventional JudeoChristian belief. I would challenge you to put their policy positions up against the Constitution, or any of the words of those who wrote it. The last one hundred or so years have seen a relentless and inexorable march toward a diminution of the rights of the individual and an increase in the power and control of the government. The latest power grab by the current Congress and administration is just a continuation of that long term trend on steriods. If you've studied history, as our founding fathers did, you would know, as they understood, that this is the natural progression of all governments. Centralized power always tend to aggregate continually more control unto itself. So, while this is nothing more than an inevitable progession on first examination, I believe there is even more happening at this moment in history. I believe that we are nearing critical mass - we will fall irretrievably into a Brave New World of centralized control, or there will be a resurgance of human freedom. What will determine our future, and what is our part to play in it?

Which brings us to the next step - what do we do now? You could of course, be fatalistic "It's the end times and there's nothing we can do to stop it". Ultimately this is true; we are not the ones writing the novel - the Author is. It is also true that democratic republics such as ours have historically lasted about 200 years, but we've already beaten those odds. I don't believe that we have no part to play, regardless of how the story is destined to play out. However, there are forces at work that are shaping our future well beyond the daily antics of Obama, Pelosi and Reid. If you're really interested, there are some links below, but I would encourage you to do your own research on the Federal Reserve and the interconnections with the world's financial power brokers. Or check out how someone(s) engaged in deliberate naked short selling to take down major investment banks and hasten the current economic unrest. You might be wearing rose colored glasses, and think that this is just the up and down of the market, and the USA is forever and we'll see a Dow of 14,ooo again in the near future. You might be like me, and millions of like-minded patriots, and believe that with concerted effort we can reclaim the genius of the republic we were bequeathed.

In the end, if you are a citizen who wants to see this country return to its roots - the time for action is now. We are not called to sit on the sidelines and wait for the rapture. Indeed there is much work to be done, and if we the people don't stand up and take action, then the final act in this play is already written. We can make a difference! Check out the Tea Party protests in your area, and be loud and visible. If there's not an event in your area, start one yourself! Politicians live by polls, publicity and the fear of not being re-elected. Support and work hard for people who stand on principle, not political expedience. Sitting on the sidelines is not an option at this critical juncture. Later I'll give you my take on where we'll be in a few years, but for now I'll leave you with the words of St. Paul to to his young disciple Timothy, in a situation not unlike what we face today:

For the time is coming when when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. As for you you, always be sober-minded, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.....I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race. I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:3-5,7 ESV

Your Federal Reserve:
Financial Market Manipulation:
Naked Short Selling?:


Northwest Minuteman said...

LucyLadley said...

Powerful, well spoken with wisdom & conviction.

reland1 said...

Steve, excellent and powerful "call to arms". You are clearly filled with truth and passion!I hope you realize that many of us have been trying to expose this heresy and educate the propagandized elements of our nation for many years.

The past 40 years of constant bombardment of lie upon lie by media and public education has paralyzed this nation.
As a 28 yo, I was made aware, by the John Birch Society, of the delusional lives we have been living. I have ranted, raved, held meetings, joined groups, ran for city council; anything to draw attention to our continuing march over the cliff. Now, my trust is in G-d, and G-d alone.

I will help as much as I can. I will teach, inform, and boost morale, but I am tired, and the younger folks will have to step you are doing. I will continue blogging and supporting those who speak truth, But unless "the truth" of this satanic system is known, there will be no help for it.

Hopefully, I have not discouraged you, that was not my intention.

For G-d, Country and Family..
Duliece Melton (Reland1)