Thursday, March 19, 2009

End Game II - the Finale?

I've talked about where we are now, and what our response should be. But what exactly are we up against, and where might we end up in the near future? Let's start with the forces that brought us to this point. This isn't just Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and (name your favorite target) selling this country into abject socialist slavery. They didn't just appear in the last 2 or 4 or 20 years to begin wreaking havoc on America The very fact that they are in the positions of power they currently enjoy has been made possible by a deliberately planned, patient and well executed assault on the very foundations of this constitutional republic

One can go back as far as the first chapter of Genesis for the answer, or if you want to stick to more modern political philosophy, look to the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramci and his theories of “cultural hegemony”. He believed that Ignatius Loyola (founder of the Jesuit Order) had it right when he said “give me a child until he is seven, and I will show you the man”. Unfortunately, Gramci and his adherents had quite a different end result in mind than Loyola. The left has for nearly 100 years made a concerted effort to infiltrate, dominate, and co-opt education from preschool to post graduate levels. For proof of their success, look no farther than one William Ayers, radical terrorist, accessory to murder, and self-described “communist with a small c”. Ayers, far from being locked away for life, or at least shunned by society, is now a distinguished professor of education training future generations of teachers. This relentless, purposeful radicalization of our public education system, in tandem with an equally determined assault on traditional, yes Christian, values by popular culture has finally reached critical mass. The majority of Americans no longer know where they came from, what kind of government the founding fathers bequeathed them, or what lessons history should teach us about the nature of political systems and how they affect those who must live under them. Most tragically, they have lost the ability to even think critically; to seek out, absorb, and analyze information to arrive at their own conclusions. One need only to look back to November 4, 2008 to see how close to this brave new world we've come.

So, is it twilight in America? Is there any hope for the future of the country, not as we see it now, but as it was envisioned over 200 years ago? In a word, no, not if things continue on their current trajectory. Entrenched forces in education, entertainment, and a gargantuan federal bureaucracy will not willingly give up their hard-fought positions. Unforunately for the rest of us, they also have enablers with enormous financial resources who lust for a one world government full of compliant serfs. We should not deceive ourselves that we are, right now, in anything other than a minority position. Reactions to the economy or a foreign policy crisis might temporarily shift political power in a a more conservative direction, but would be unlikely to effect a long-term change of direction.

Does this mean we're doomed? Well, not necessarily. If you consider that the American Revolution succeeded with only one third of the country in support of opposing the mightiest military power on the planet, then you would know that a small but determined force can once again change history. You might also recall the story of the Israelites fleeing the Egyptian army, stuck between the desert and the Red Sea with no way out. I cited Genesis earlier, so I'll look to the last book in the Bible, Revelation, for the way the final chapter ends (hint – there's no USA in the plot line) However, the same book tells us that we don't get to know the timing. In the meantime, I believe that, like that small but resolute minority in 1776, that the miracle that became the United States of America can happen all over again. There's work to be done and it's going to take a massive, public protest that can't be ignored. Tax day is coming with hundreds of Tea Party protests across America. Let's get to it!

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LucyLadley said...

Count me in as a member of that small & determined force. Our forefather's did not conceive this democratic republic in vain. God Bless America!