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State of the Union - 2013

February 14, 2013 - Live from Fox News Desk in Washington DC...

Brit Hume: Welcome to all our viewers across America, and let me say only such a momentous climax to the stunning events of the last 6 months could have brought me out of retirement to be with you tonight. I'm grateful to Fox for the opportunity, and it's good to be back. Before we turn to our panel for a discussion of tonight's address, we thought it would be good to recap the events that led to the remarkable election of Tommy Nguyen just 4 months ago.

Some say it actually began with the nationwide Tea Party protests on April 15, 2009, less than 3 months after former President Obama assumed office.As you recall, as many as one million taxpayers took to the streets in over 1000 cities in all 50 states protesting the massive spending binge by the federal government. The movement gathered steam with the tax withholding revolt of January 2010, and the threat of several states to confiscate and hold all federal tax revenues. That unnerved many Congressional Democrats, leading to the budget impasse that summer, and an eventual agreement to freeze all spending at 2008 levels.

But most certainly it was the unprecedented election of 53 new Representatives and 2 Senators in November 2010 that really shook the corriders of power in Washington. Then only informally known as “The New American Tea Party”, this loose confederation of social conservatives, Libertarians, Constitution, Independent Parties and even many Southern Democrats united around a platform of fiscal restraint and a commitment to Constitutionally limited government. Of course the market crash in the fall of that year which saw the Dow plummet to 3500 was a factor, and ironically also propelled Tommy Nguyen into the national spotlight.

Appointed by Louisiana governor Bobby Jindahl in July of that year to spearhead redevelopment of New Orleans and the Gulf area, Nguyen proved nothing less than spectacular.Born in 1979 exactly one week after his Vietnamese refugee parents took their oath of citezenship, young Tommy grew up in the family shrimping business and paid his way through LSU, earning a business degree at age 21. He rapidly expanded the family fortune, diversifying into oil and gas leases and investments in local real estate. While hurricane damage devastated many, the Nguyen's survived and prospered due to Tommy's philosophy of keeping large cash reserves with zero debt.

With limited state and no federal funds available, Nguyen moved quickly to secure financing from a consortium of smaller regional banks that had avoided the financial meltdown, and needed an alternative to now worthless Treasury bills to invest their funds. His coalition of property owners, commercial interests, and environmental groups like Ducks Unlimited quickly began a massive reconstruction. The 5th Ward was rehabbed where possible or razed and rebuilt, levees were upgraded using state of the art technology modeled on the Netherlands, and the Mississippi river channel returned to a more natural flow to replenish the rich delta marshlands. The phenomenal boom in business that resulted was one of the few bright spots in 2011, but was soon duplicated as Nguyen worked with earthquake stricken California and flood devastated communities in the Midwest to bring market solutions to those areas as well.

With the markets in freefall, inflation rapidly rising, and first Texas, then other states seriously threatening secession, the now official New American Tea Party nominated Nguyen to head its 2012 presidential ticket. The landslide 44 state victory, along with a new Tea Party majority in both houses, has brought us to this State of the Union address tonight. The President promised swift action on the Fair Tax, and elimination of all corporate, capital gains and inheritance taxes. Legislation to remove roadblocks to development of new nuclear and domestic oil and gas resources is already moving through committee. It is highly likely that this session of Congress will also drastically reduce or eliminate the Departments of Energy and Education, and has promised to reduce federal spending to a maximum of 15% of GDP in the next 2 years.

So let's turn to our panel – Mort- Mort- MORT, wake up! We're live here for God's sake! Um, let's take a quick commercial break...

Okay folks, JohnGaltLives knows it's only a fantasy, but this is still America, and it's going to take each and every one of us to keep it that way. Get your behind, and your friend's and neighbor's behinds out to the streets on April 15th Go to or for information – let's roll!


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