Monday, September 28, 2009

Green Shoots

No, not late fall garden veggies. Not illusory signs of impending economic recovery. What I see is serious growth of widespread opposition to the Marxist makeover of America.

Resistance is growing across the length and breadth of this country like the first wispy green strands of brand new grass on a newly seeded lawn. Anyone that cares to look to can see it plainly. As much as the old guard media tried to downplay or totally ignore the massive 9/12 protest in DC, I guarantee that elected officials have noticed us. We may be haughtily dismissed by those in the most secure far left districts, but everyone else sure as hell knows they've got a serious problem on the home front. Want proof? Just look at how many of them (my own Congressional crapweasel included) cravenly avoided any contact at all with their own constituents during the August recess. We do have their attention!

But just making noise and drawing a big crowd is not enough. While our activism has at least slowed down the health care and cap/trade train, and may even run it off the tracks entirely, the Left will not be so easily deterred from their ultimate agenda. It's time to become even more vocal, more active and keep engaging and educating our families, friends and neighbors. You might be surprised (I was!) to know how many folks are frustrated, confused and angry about what's happening to the America they grew up in, but have been so insulated that they just don't have all the information they need yet to translate into action.

Just like those thin green shoots coming up on America's lawn, continued applications of the the water of knowledge and the sunshine of truth will soon turn them into a lush green landscape that will choke off the weeds that have infested our government. Pretty soon you won't be able to step out of a local Congressman's office anywhere and avoid having to step right in the middle of it. Keep the faith, and keep fighting!


No Idle Hands Knitter said...

Yes! Keep The Faith!

Misty Mays said...

Looks good I agree with you completely keep up the good work.