Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crunch Time

Well folks, it has finally come down to crunch time. Given the atrocities this Congress and administration have already committed against this country, the latest two outrages are way too close to passage. Either of the Cap/Trade or Health Care Reform bills, if implemented, will push this country off the cliff. Both of them would spell the death of the wonderful experiment known as America.

The sheer arrogance and ignorance of those in Washington is truly beyond comprehension. No person with one ounce of fiscal sanity could possible believe that you can spend your way out of debt, triple the supply of money without inflation, tax productivity and expect to get more of it, and, most psychotic of all, expect government to manage anything more efficiently than the private sector. A person only a little more paranoid that JohnGaltLives might even think it was all part of a purposeful plan to cripple America so that the federal government can then control every facet of American life and commerce.

So here we are. TeaParty protests, September 12 marches on DC, more states (go Alaska!) claiming sovereignty will not be able to forestall the devastation that would result from a federal takeover of energy or health care. Both must be stopped, and put six feet under right now. It is absolutely imperative that all of us put as much pressure as possible on our “public servants” to derail this socialist power grab. Yes, nothing is forever, but any government program comes close, and undoing the incredible damage done will be a long a painful uphill battle.

It's time to rise up and make all the noise you can, patriots – it's crunch time.

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