Saturday, June 20, 2009

Takin' It To The Streets

It would have been hard for even the most indifferent American not to have seen at least one video clip of the hundreds of thousands(looked more like a million plus to me) Iranians who finally said “I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!”, and flooded downtown Tehran. These are not just radical students or a few outspoken secular Muslims. This is an entire cross-section of the entire population who are fed up with an autocratic, theocratic, despotic and corrupt government. I actually know two who are 50-something, degreed, professional people who went into the streets knowing there was at least a possibility that they would be beaten, arrested, or even shot by government goons.

So what, you say. What do I care what if a bunch of Middle Easterners get all stirred up and go do a big protest? Got nothin' to do with me. Well I've got a news alert for you- it's got everything to do with you if you love this country and want your children and grandchildren to grow up with some semblance of the freedom and prosperity you've enjoyed up to now. You see, even a group as dictatorial and backward as the mullahs got rattled. They don't have enough police in their police state to put down an uprising of this magnitude. They realize that when enough of their subjects have had enough, and don't care what happens to them anymore, they're history. A couple of hundred students – no problem. Send in the jackbooted thugs, bang a few heads, haul 'em off to jail. End of protest, end of story. But hundreds of thousands, day after day? Keep in mind, this isn't even a movement (yet) to throw out the Islamist rulers. This is as simple as having your vote counted, for a position that has only the power the Guardian Council allows it. Make no mistake - they're plenty nervous. So again, what does this have to do with me, and why should I care?

If you're not aware yet that you are living under an autocratic, despotic and corrupt government intent on controlling more and more of every facet of your life and livelihood, well, you will figure it out soon enough. This administration and Congress is on a jihad of its own to dismantle the very foundations of this country. Left unchecked, they will do more damage than can be undone in at least a generation. The saving grace for America is that we still have reasonably free and fair elections. Our very own “Dear Leaders” don't yet have absolute power, and must answer to the people every two, four or six years. Unfortunately the next opportunity to effect any change through the ballot box is still 18 months away. Given the stunning speed and scope of the “change” that's being crammed down our throats, we need to do everything in our power to put a stop to, or at least slow down, this “remaking” of America.

That means you're going to have to get off your butt and take to the streets. You no longer have the option of sitting idly by and complaining. Yes,you can continue to harass your local Congressweasel, but it's easy for them to filter and ignore negative voice and e-mails. The one thing they can't ignore is a vocal, visible, and angry electorate. Our “representatives” are really afraid of only one thing – losing the next election. They've been able to count on the ignorance, indifference and collective amnesia of their constituents and just lie their way back to Washington DC year after year after year. They need a giant wake-up call, and hundreds of thousands, or better yet, millions of angry citizens exercising their right to peaceably assemble and petition their government will damn sure get their attention.

Independence Day is rapidly approaching, and this is one year we'll have to forget about the hot dogs and fireworks. We need to far exceed the turnout for the Tax Day Tea Party rallies, and Take It To The Streets! This means you, your children, your neighbors and anyone else you can round up. There are thousands of events planned across the country, and you can find one in your area here:

If you value your freedom, and want to see the America our founders envisioned survive for your kids and grandkids, this is a small price to pay. Many before us have made the ultimate sacrifice, and it's our turn to do what we can to ensure that it was not in vain. Let's roll!


No Idle Hands Knitter said...

I do value what America's founders did for the sake of our freedom. I will be attending a July 4th Tea Party. said...

We're in! (By the way, what a kind nod to Todd Beamer, Steve.) The events in Iran are a portent of sinister things to come. Those of us who are willing to jump into the fray, swords drawn, are few - but, that doesn't mean we will not prevail. (If God is with us, who can be against us?)

Jill said...

You can bet thousands in Tucson, AZ will be at the Tucson Independence Day Tea Party. I am one of the coordinators for this event, and I have also invited all of the conservative candidates running for office in Southern AZ to set up a table at our event. Tammy Bruce is our Keynote speaker, and Tabatha Hale from Smart Girl Politics will be our MC. Visit us at

kathy said...

Is there anyone else out there thinking this administration is acting like there won't be another election? I mean, if you thought you could get the boot, why would you cause so much damage to the country? Pay attention, always watch what the left hand is doing while the news media reports what the right hand is doing...I'm not going to be surprised if he tries to pull a Hugo Chavez.Heck, I'm more than halfway expecting it.